Allegiance Group, LLC
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Connie LaTour - Principal

Vancouver, Washington USA
(360) 334-4727
PO Box 4
Vancouver, WA 98666

Department of Defense: Service Disabled Veteran-Owned

Service Disabled Veteran-Owned
Allegiance Group, LLC is a Service Disabled Veteran-Owned
professional consulting firm providing the following services:

Asbestos & Lead
Building Surveys
Project Design
O&M Programs
Abatement Programs
Air Monitoring
Testing & Analytical Services

Turnkey Asbestos/Lead Abatement & Restoration Oversight
Fungal/Mold Cleanup Management
Soil & Groundwater Cleanup Planning & Supervision

Environmental Engineering
Air Quality Permitting / Testing
Regulatory Compliance
Landfill Compliance
Compliance Planning (TURP, SPCC, SWPCP)

Geological / Groundwater
Hydrogeologic Evaluation
Water Rights Evaluation
Rock Resource Evaluation
Underground Injection Wells

Project Management
Contract Management
Planning & Design
Construction Inspection

Geotechnical Engineering
Geotechnical Investigations
Seismic Hazards / Liquefaction Studies
Slope Stability Studies
Earth Retaining Structures
Pavement Design & Rehabilitation Studies
Construction Monitoring & Soils Testing

Industrial Hygiene / Safety
Indoor Air Quality Studies
Workplace Hazard Surveys
Hazard Communication Programs
Chemical Exposure Monitoring
Health & Safety Plans
OSHA Compliance Assistance
Hazardous Materials Handling
Emergency Response
Infection Control Risk Assessments

Natural Resources Permitting & Compliance
Wetland Delineations/Fill Permits
Cultural Resource Services
Shoreline/JARPA Permits
ESA/Biological Assessment
Water Quality Monitoring

Property Transfer
Phase I / II Site Assessments
Underground Storage Tank Management

Service Disabled Veteran Owned